Evacuation Equipment

Available from Trade Fire are a range of Evacusafe Chairs including 3 wheel and 4 wheel patient folding chair, standard folding evacuation chair and excel folding evacuation chair. Also available are basic operator courses, excel chair key trainer course and evacuation chair servicing.

The Globex chairs include the standard GEC1, narrow GEC3, lightweight GEC4, economy GEC5, multi-evacuation GEC6 and electric stairclimber GESE. You can also have training courses and chair servicing.

The Chubb 15 Foot Fire Escape Ladder which is suitable for two storey buildings and has a unique tangle-free design. Also included is the Chubb 25 Foot Steel Fire Escape Ladder is ideal for all types of three storey buildings, very lightweight, easy to use and can be easily stored near a designated fire escape route.

The fire warden equipment is available as a basic and premium kit along with being available as a waistcoat, cap, armband and telescopic sign. The fire marshal equipment is available in waistcoats, caps, armbands and telescopic signs. The first aid equipment can be purchased as a waistcoat and armband.

Emergency evacuation hammers include the Lifehammer Emergency Hammer used commonly in vehicles such as buses, cars and coaches in order for breaking windows in an a emergency. The Lifeaxe Emergency Hammer is suitable in an emergency situation for breaking all types of glass in vans, cars, buses and single and double glazed windows.

A range of torches include the P4 ledlenser pen torch, AA mini maglite torch and the 2D cell LED maglite torch.