Fire Safety Products

Brand new to Trade Fire! You can now hire a range of fire extinguishers for your event that includes 2kg co2, 6ltr water, 9ltr water, 6ltr foam, 9ltr foam, 6kg dry powder, 9kg dry powder, 6ltr wet chemical and 1.2m x 1.2m hard case fire blanket.

By hiring extinguishers with Trade Fire your event will be protected from fire regulations as all of our extinguishers are fully commissioned in line with British standards and are fully CE kitemarked. You can also hire single and double stands or Fire Extinguisher location points.

Below you will find prices for our extinguisher hire which also includes delivery and collection within a 30 mile radius of DE21 7AZ. Delivery and collection times are Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm. However, if you require earlier or later delivery times, then an additional charge will be agreed prior to delivery.

Please note orders must be a minimum of £75.00.

For more information or to book your extinguisher or stand hire with us today, please call 01332 546750 or email:

Extinguisher For Hire Hire Amount For 1-7 Days - First Weeks Cost Hire Amount For 8-14 Days - Second Weeks Cost Hire Amount For 15-21 Days - Third Weeks Cost Refill Cost If Used
2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher £9.85 £8.86 £7.88 £9.85
6ltr Water Fire Extinguisher £9.60 £8.64 £7.68 £5.25
9ltr Water Fire Extinguisher £11.20 £10.08 £8.96 £6.30
6ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher £10.40 £9.36 £8.32 £7.20
9ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher £11.92 £10.72 £9.53 £9.20
6kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher £9.88 £8.89 £7.90 £8.90
9kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher £11.68 £10.51 £9.34 £10.45
6ltr Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher £12.27 £11.04 £9.81 £12.27
1.2m x 1.2m Hard Case Fire Blanket £6.28 £5.65 £5.02 6.28
Contractor Stand £16.00 £13.00 £10.00 N/A
Single Stand £8.00 £7.20 £6.40 N/A
Double Stand £12.00 £10.80 £9.60 N/A

If the extinguishers are misused or discharged, the refill charge will be applied at the cost in the above table. In the event of the equipment you hired is misplaced or stolen, you will be charged one weeks hire cost at six times that amount to cover the cost of the product, for example 2kg co2 hire amount = £9.85 (£9.85 x 6 = £59.10 + vat).