Fire Door Furniture

At Trade Fire we have a range of fire door furniture available including panic bolts, key boxes, door closers, door retainers and latches.

Available from Trade Fire are a range of fire door panic bolts and accessories including the MK1 redlam door panic bolt, hammer & chain, padlock, keeper plate, replacement glass tube, replacement ceramtube and fire door break bar.

A range of fire door key boxes which are used for storing emergency exit keys until needed and to prevent unauthorised use.

The key boxes have a snap fit design and is supplied complete with printed glass and a transparent face to ensure keys are visible at all times. You can also purchase replacement glass for the circular key box which is also known as the Mk1 Key Box.

The fire door closers from Agrippa in a range of finishes including black, silver, stainless steel and brushed chrome. The Agrippa fire door closer is fitted in place of a traditional door closer to hold the fire door open in any position, whilst ensuring the door will close in the event of a fire. It is a ‘free-swing’ device which makes heavy fire doors resistance free, light and easy to move.

Also available is the fire rated door closer which fits to the top of a door and pulls it shut when the door closes. The closer is fire rated for 1 hour to BSEN1634:1.

The fire door retainers from Dorgard, Agrippa and Doormouse. Dorgard is a wireless solution that legally holds open fire doors, and enables them to close when the fire alarm sounds.The Dorgards are available in black, red and white.

The agrippa door retainers are ready to protect straight from the box and have a magnetic, sound activated holder. The agrippa door retainers can be purchased in white, black and brass.

The doormouse fire door holder is a hard-wired device to legally hold open internal fire doors. The doormouse is fitted with an integral manual release button, allowing the door to be closed without operating the fire alarm.