Universal Spares

At Trade Fire we have available a range of universal spares including anti-tamper seals for showing if a fire extinguisher has been tampered with or not and gauge dots for seeing when the extinguisher was last serviced. Both are available in a range of colours.

The o'rings can be purchased in horn or hose in a variety of colours for enabling easy identification if the hose or horn has been replaced each year.

The labels include service labels, extinguisher labels and warning corrective action labels. The tamper pins are available in ok pins, ok indicators and tamper pins in a range of colours.

We have a range of cleaning equipment which are perfect for an engineers toolbox in order to clean an extinguisher including the extinguisher cleaning fluid and extinguisher cleaning cloth.

You can also purchase the extinguisher sterilising tablets that are ideal to use in water extinguishers in order to protect against, fungi, bacteria, viruses and spores.