The Fire Extinguisher Environmental Disposal is for the safe disposal of fire extinguishers. Please note you must drop your extinguisher off at our head office in Derby - DE21 7AZ. Collection is not available.

Servicing of fire extinguishers is required by most fire risk assessments both insurance companies and health and safety guidelines also advise on the annual certification of extinguishers. We can service from 1-35+ fire extinguishers.

Please note if the site attendance is within 40 miles of our central office in Derby (DE21 7AZ) there will be no additional attendance charge . If the site of attendance is outside of 40 miles of the central office in Derby, there will be a £45.00 + VAT additional charge on top of the extinguisher servicing cost (certain areas may incur additional charges). Please note a member of the Trade Fire team will contact you to take this payment once you have placed your order.

At Trade Fire we are able to review your plans to determine locations and positioning requirements for fire extinguishers, signage etc these will be in line to accommodate with current British standards. Price for this starts from £300, find out more on our fire extinguisher floor plan service.