PPE Workwear

Available from Trade Fire are a range of hard hats from B-Brand including reduced peak helmet, economy vented safety helmet, premium vented safety helmet and wheel ratchet vented safety helmet. The hard hats are available in a range of colours. Bump caps can also be purchased along with face shields.

Eye protection includes safety spectacles and goggles including Bolle viper clear, Vegas safety, Utah safety and Yale safety spectacles and hamilton clear goggle & visor pack, anti-mist clear goggles, low profile clear goggles and uvex ultravision clear goggles.

Available from Trade Fire are a range of hearing protection equipment to keep your ears protected where loud noise is present. Hearing protection includes a range of defenders and ear plugs.

Jackets include body warmers, soft shell jackets, fleeces, mowbray jackets and weatherproof jackets. The jackets are available in a range of colours and sizes.

Polo shirts & jumpers include fire / flame retardant polo shirts and jumpers which include the fire retardant navy blue t-shirt, protex fire retardant polo long sleeved navy blue t-shirt, grey sweatshirt, click flame retardant ant-static navy blue jumper and click flame retardant long sleeved navy blue t-shirt and grey, black and green polo shirts.

A range of hi-vis jackets and waistcoats can also be purchased that are fire retardant and available in a variety of sizes.

Trousers available include fire retardant anti-static navy blue and saturn yellow trousers, meppel multi-cotton flame retardant trousers, protex fire retardant navy blue trousers and meddo multi cvc fire retardant trousers.

Safety shoes and boots include black trainer shoes, mesh active black / blue trainer shoes, non-metallic action trainers, click 4 d-ring black boots, click d/d dealer black boots, timberland pro sawhorse, dr martens torness lace up boots and click smooth leather 6 inch black boots.